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One platform, thousands of configurations.

As a payment processor, Finix brings you seamless technology through one platform built for all use cases to process payments quickly, optimize revenue, and manage your business operations. With direct integrations to all card networks, Finix regularly delivers new features and functionalities to you.

Create the perfect payment solution for your business with a highly customizable platform. Choose from thousands of possible configurations and start transacting in just one day with as few as three API endpoints.

Payments, future-proofed

Finix’s payment technology is built to not only solve today's payments needs, but tomorrow’s too. Our platform is constantly updated and is designed to adapt to ever-evolving modernizations for all business types. Whether you’re expanding your business or becoming a Payment Facilitator, Finix makes it easy to integrate and scale.

Efficient for developers, built for the back office

With Finix's comprehensive payment platform, you gain the flexibility to manage your payments with APIs or with an easy-to-use dashboard.


The Finix API enables you to build more with fewer endpoints, so you get all the functionality without sacrificing configurability. We’ve built our API to be consistent, intuitive, and above all, adaptable to your payments use case.

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The Dashboard

With Finix’s wide variety of low-code, no-code features and an intuitive dashboard, anyone at your company can view and manage your payment operations. Your dashboard is customized and tailored to your business type.

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Hear from our customers

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The flexibility that Finix provides is the number one differentiator when it comes to other payment solutions. I don’t think we would be able to do all the things we can do with a different API. From split payouts, or tagging features, and even from Finix’s support perspective – that level of flexibility from a business standpoint – is everything!

Mubarrat Choudhury | CEO and Co-Founder | CharityStack

Mubarrat Choudhury | CEO and Co-Founder | CharityStack |

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The Finix API is great! It is not only straightforward to integrate with and comes with great documentation but also provides us and our customers with excellent error messages and error reporting. So, when a payment doesn't go through, we're able to communicate the exact reason with our customers. Finix is a premium offering and the API makes it worth it.

KJ Singh | CEO and Co-Founder | Sublime

KJ Singh | CEO and Co-Founder | Sublime |