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Payments for Lenders

Send loans to borrowers and accept their repayments through Finix’s embedded payments platform.

Disburse loans with Finix Payouts

Send loan proceeds to recipients in seconds to debit cards, or to bank accounts the next day using Finix Payouts.

Loan repayment made easy

  • Configure your API integration to automate loan repayments

  • Accept debit, ACH, and EFT payment methods

  • Make it easy for borrowers to pay and avoid late fees with Payment Links

  • Send Payment Links through everyday channels like text and email

Accept loan repayments for education, health, autos, home improvement

Finix’s platform supports the convenience of delivering loan proceeds to your customers.

  • Auto loans

  • Home appliance and furniture loans 

  • Tuition installment plans

  • Patients paying off medical bills can send partial or full payments using a payment link

  • Buy now, pay later repayments

Fast integrations and detailed reporting

Once your organization is approved, all it takes is 3 simple API integrations to get started.

Your Finix Payouts dashboard tracks all loan disbursements and recipients, while your Finix Payments dashboard has details on every loan repayment and transaction status.

Learn more about additional services Finix supports like digital wallets.

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Create a seamless payment experience that drives customer engagement, using our end-to-end solution.

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