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Payments built for businesses

Accepting payments is essential to your business. Plug Finix’s solution into your website to run smooth transactions at competitive prices. Whether you want to accept card payments, ACH, or alternative payment methods like Apple Pay–we’ve got you covered.

A low code, no code payments solution

Our intuitive payments technology seamlessly plugs into your website so you can accept payments with low code/no code features, like hosted checkout pages. Power the payments experience that works for your business, and leave the payments tech to us.

Your business, your payments solution

Whether you’re a retail business, ecommerce, or a combination of the two, we are here to support you with reliable technology, robust operations management, fraud prevention, transaction reporting, and more. Finix technology is built to be flexible, so you can create the payments experience that fits your business needs.

For all the ways your customers pay

The payments landscape is constantly changing. Finix offers a variety of ways to accept payments online and in-person, using a single API integration. 

Available payment methods include:

  • Personal and business card payments

  • ACH

  • Digital wallets - Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Apple Pay

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Close More Sales

Building better payment experiences makes it easier for customers to pay online and in-person. Fast API responses times make payment processing faster–which means more sales transactions completed and fewer users abandoning their shopping carts.

Manage and grow your business

We provide you with all the back office tools necessary to successfully grow revenue, while managing down overhead expenses: 

  • Transparent reporting down to the individual transaction

  • Disputes management

  • 24/7 emergency support

  • Fee management

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Hear from our customers

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We looked at Adyen, Stripe and several other companies, but we knew we wanted to integrate quickly, and Finix made the most sense in terms of how quickly we could integrate.

Jonathan Rat

Jonathan Rat | Co-Founder & CEO | Archy

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We started as a very small line of business team, but we quickly realized that payments were so core to our business, that we needed every department across the organization to adopt the mentality that we are not only a mobility company, we are also a payments company.

Kate Bothe

Kate Bothe | Passport

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If you’re invested in your customer experience and you want a reliable partner that you can count on, it’s Finix!

KJ Singh

KJ Singh | CEO and Co-Founder | Sublime

Stop fraud before it happens

Chargebacks are a painful reality for all businesses that accept card payments, but with our fraud monitoring AI we help catch and address fraudulent transactions for you. When disputes happen, our dispute resolution tool makes challenging and resolving disputes a lot easier. You can also check the status along the way - won, lost, or in process.

Predictable pricing you can count on

Our pricing is built to be straightforward and transparent. We offer flat rate, dynamic interchange, or custom fee models.  We’ll work with you to select the right approach so you can be assured there won’t be any surprises after you start transacting. With Finix, what you see is what you get – fraud monitoring, platform utilization, and more, are included in your pricing.

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Start your path to payments ownership today

Create a seamless payment experience that drives customer engagement, using our end-to-end solution.

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