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Payments built for software platforms

Offering payments as part of your software product creates a seamless customer experience. With the flexibility to pick and choose which features you use, our payment solution can be tailored to your business needs and managed through your custom dashboard. 

Built with the needs of software platforms in mind

Finix caters to software platforms’ unique needs. As your outsourced PayFac (or PayFac-as-a-Service) we provide end-to-end payments technology, compliance and risk management, and 24/7 emergency support. With features like fraud monitoring–which come standard–and detailed reporting, we have your best interests in mind.   

  • Hundreds of API configurations to get the exact payment solution you want

  • Low-code, no-code features

  • Custom fee profiles and merchant payout settings

  • Reporting tools that give visibility down to the transaction level

Reports that give visibility into your payments business

We’ve built reporting tools so you can slice and dice the data any way you want right from your dashboard. We also provide more than 10 report types out of the box, including:

  • Transactions, including interchange

  • Reconciliation and exceptions

  • Comprehensive fee reports including pass-through fees

  • Settlements, including not yet funded payouts

  • Disputes 

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Robust payments technology built to scale

The Finix API handles billions of calls every year with 99.999% uptime. Our payments tech is built with multiple failovers to help ensure your payments acceptance is reliable. We’ve also built it keeping consistency and usability in mind every step of the way, for ease of implementation and maintenance

Merchant onboarding made easy

Getting your customers onboarded to accept payments can be a challenge. Finix makes it easy with no-code hosted onboarding forms, customized with your brand. Or you can build your onboarding process from scratch using Finix’s APIs. 

Once a merchant submits their information, Finix conducts thorough underwriting right away, so you can be confident we are allowing the right merchants to do business with you and your customers can confidently accept payments without fear of delays or cancellations

White labeled dashboards for you and your customers

When you make payments acceptance part of your product, your customers need to see payments data. Finix makes this possible by providing each of your customers with their own white labeled merchant dashboard, unique to their business. They can use this dashboard to view transaction history, disputes, and more. 

Your dashboard includes additional features like extensive reporting, gross payments, net sales, and unique and aggregate merchant data.

Accept all major payment methods

We offer online and in-person payment methods to software platforms that want to provide better optionality to their customers. You get to choose which devices to make available and we provide a single API integration for omni-channel payment processing, making it faster and easier for you to enable payments acceptance for all kinds of businesses.

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Customize fees
and payout settings

The best part of getting paid is the getting paid part. That’s why we provide the ability to customize fee structures at the customer level so that they can retain more revenue where available. You can also customize payout settings so that your customers get paid efficiently.

Dispute management made easy

Chargebacks are a painful reality for all businesses, but with our fraud monitoring AI we can help catch fraudulent transactions before they happen. If a customer does dispute a charge, dispute resolution tracking in your payments dashboard makes managing disputes straightforward.

Integrate once and grow
with Finix

Finix’s unique offering provides a path to becoming a payment facilitator. Becoming a PayFac means you gain the highest level of control over your payments–from underwriting to back-end operations and customer support. For large companies processing north of $1B, this is the next natural step in a payments journey. Payments solutions don’t get more seamless than integrating with one provider that scales with your growing needs.

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Hear from our customers

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We wanted to onboard with a company that we could grow with. A company that we can have an impact with and the ability to reach out and say “Hey, here’s what we need” and that understanding of what SaaS platforms like us are trying to achieve. That’s what drew us to Finix.

Jonathan Rat

Jonathan Rat | Co-Founder & CEO | Archy

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If you’re invested in your customer experience and you want a reliable partner that you can count on, it’s Finix!

KJ Singh

KJ Singh | CEO and Co-Founder | Sublime

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We started as a very small line of business team, but we quickly realized that payments were so core to our business, that we needed every department across the organization to adopt the mentality that we are not only a mobility company, we are also a payments company.

Kate Bothe

Kate Bothe | Passport


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