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Payments for Healthcare Providers

Healthcare is complicated enough. Paying for it shouldn’t be. Make each visit and payment as quick as possible with Finix’s end-to-end payment solution. With Finix, patients and providers can focus on what really matters, staying healthy.

Payment features that help you retain patients

Patients are more likely to revisit the same practitioners when paying for services is easy. Finix supports all the ways people pay for health and medical services, so providers can retain and grow their book of business.

  • Credit card processing for healthcare

  • Healthcare Savings Account (HSA) payment processing

  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA) payment processing

  • In-person payment terminals that work with traditional and alternative payment methods

  • Virtual payment terminals provide inclusive ways to pay

  • Securely store and tokenize patients’ payment details to pay for future visits

Easy-to-use receivable and reimbursement features

  • A seamless merchant login to your dashboard leads you to Finix’s Virtual Terminal where you can key in patient payment details received in person, over the phone, or by email.

  • Send Payment Links to your patients multiple ways, including email, text, and patient portals. With a Payment Link, patients can make partial or full payments on outstanding balances.

  • For overpayments, reimburse patients with Finix Payouts.

Work with an all-in-one healthcare payment processing company

Get all services related to payments in one with Finix–payment acceptance and processing, embedded fraud monitoring, seamless onboarding, and a gateway for medical solutions.

Get precise HSA and FSA reporting insight

  • Your dashboard aggregates all transaction details into a simplified view, so you can see which payments were approved, declined, or are pending

  • Filter your Finix reports by payment method to see which patients are using their benefits cards

Since you’ll know who has HSA and FSA cards, you can send those patients friendly reminders to use their funds. It’s a win-win: Help patients remember to spend funds before they expire, and you can avoid carrying overdue payments on your books.

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I want payments to be like an Uber experience, where my customers onboard with Archy and Finix, they charge their patients, and they don’t even mention it, because it’s working seamlessly.

Jonathan Rat

Jonathan Rat | Co-Founder & CEO | Archy

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