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Payments built to scale with your business

Create a seamless payment experience that drives customer engagement, using our end-to-end solution. Integrate with reliable, intuitive APIs and convenient out-of-the box features. Manage payment operations with productivity-enhancing tools for fees, compliance, and more.


Daily transactions

Hundreds of API configurations


Uptime 365 days a year

10s of billions of API calls annually

One integration, hundreds of configuration options

With one developer-friendly integration, you can craft the payments experience that supports your unique business needs. Our technology can be configured hundreds of ways–use what works best for your business, and leave the rest.

Access better payments operations tools

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    Work smarter.

    Crucial operations processes and tools like underwriting, reconciliation, dispute management, and more all come embedded in your Finix payment solution.

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    Move faster.

    Save time with automated reporting. From transactions to disputes and fees, more than 10 report types are automated and available in your personal dashboard, so you can concentrate on what matters—your product and your customer.

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Optimize your payments revenue & margins 

Choose from a variety of fee settings to optimize your payments revenue. You can apply fee settings to each transaction of a given business, or choose a standard rate.  

Some of the fee customizations available are:

  • International charges 

  • Transaction volume discounts

  • Applying fees per payment method

  • Accelerate settlement timeframes

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Explore guides and documentation

Learn how to integrate with Finix’s simple and powerful API. Get started in hours, not days. 

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    Your brand, our technology

    Finix’s no-code, white-label tools mean our tech is invisible–putting you front and center. This allows you to craft a seamless payments experience for your customers.

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    Build with confidence

    Finix’s test environment allows you to simulate a live payments experience. Test card payments, configure fees schemas, set payout schedules, and more. Try before you buy to ensure everything works the way you want it to before going live.

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    Learn the basics and more

    Finix's documentation includes a thorough definition of our API endpoints, and our educational guides help you quickly learn the context around each feature.

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About Us

A people-first approach to payment processing

Your payment challenges are our challenges, and your goals are our priority. We’re here to help you design the right solution to drive business growth and set up custom fee profiles to optimize payments profitability. Finix’s support team is also available 24-7 to address emergencies.

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Start your path to payments ownership today

Create a seamless payment experience that drives customer engagement, using our end-to-end solution.

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