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Pricing for Individual Businesses

For small to large businesses processing payments for goods and services. Save on payment processing costs, and create seamless checkout experiences. Call our sales team to learn more: (866) 554-0994.

Features and Fees



Card Processing - US Individual Business
Card Processing

Processing Subscription Tier 1

Starting at $250 monthly, processing up to $1M annually

For businesses processing more than $1M annually, contact us

0% Markup on Interchange and Card Network Fees

Card Processing

Card Present: $0.08
Card Not Present: $0.15

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Amex Processing

0.30% per transaction

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Account Updater
Managed expired, lost, or stolen credit cards

Machine Learning Fraud Detection 2

Level 2 and Level 3 Processing

Card Tokenization

Hosted Fields to Minimize PCI Scope

ACH - US Individual Business

ACH Processing

$0.50 per transaction

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ACH Validation


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ACH Returns

$2 each

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Next Day Funding Fee

1% per same day entry
$1 min; $10 max

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Exceptions & Compliance - US Individual Business
Exceptions & Compliance

Card and ACH Disputes


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Plaid Integration


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Webhook Notifications For Any Exceptions Created

Dispute Management Tools

Live Chargeback Expert Support

Additional Benefits & Options - US Individual Business
Additional Benefits & Options

Dedicated Implementation Manager and Developer Support

24/7 Emergency Support and Short Response Times

Real-Time Payment Analytics and Insights

No-Code Payment Links and Virtual Terminal

Low-Code Checkout Pages

Customized Payout Schedules

Split Transactions and Payouts

E-commerce Plugins: WooCommerce

Payment Terminals and Fleet Management

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1 Subscription pricing is determined by your transaction processing volume. If certain processing volume thresholds are exceeded, subscription pricing may increase upon notice to you.
2 Enhanced fraud monitoring tools are available. Contact us to learn more.

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