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Payments for Digital Wallet Providers

Increase conversions with Finix. Automate loading funds to digital wallets with the Finix API, and rest assured sensitive customer payment details are secure with Finix tokenization.

Boost your bottom line with key payment features

  • Tokenized card details mean frictionless repeat digital wallet payments.

  • Lower friction in the buying process leads to fewer abandoned transactions, translating to higher rates of successful sales and a healthier bottom line.

Be at the forefront of consumer convenience with open digital wallets

If you're offering digital wallets, you're in good company. More than 50% of Americans prefer digital wallets over traditional payment methods.

  • Eliminate the need to carry physical cards

  • Provide digital wallets supported by card brands, so customers can pay for a number of goods and services at nearly any retailer

  • Configure automatic wallet replenishments so your customers have access to crucial funds

  • Instantly disburse funds with Finix Payouts

Fund prepaid cards for everything from commuter transit to children’s allowance

  • Securely store card data with tokenization, no need to carry physical transit cards

  • Integrate your recurring payments for balance top-offs to Finix’s payment platform

  • Prepaid cards have become the modern type of allowance - helping parents track their children's expenses, while teaching them to manage money responsibly

  • If a pre-card is no longer needed, disburse leftover funds back to a consumer’s bank account with Finix Payouts

Load funds with contactless payment terminals

Finix offers payment terminals with near field communication (NFC) capabilities. Simply tap customers’ cards onto the device, and auto-load the programmed amount. This works for multiple use cases, from prepaid cards to loading funds onto a prepaid bracelet at a concert or event.

Learn more about other services Finix supports like lending.

Start your path to payments ownership today

Create a seamless payment experience that drives customer engagement, using our end-to-end solution.

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