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Configurability for all your unique payments needs

Discover reliable, end-to-end payments technology for businesses of all types, industries, and sizes. With a single integration for omnichannel payments acceptance Finix offers hundreds of configurable ways for you to create the best payments solution for your business.

Invested in quality

99.999% Uptime

99.999% Uptime

Our sophisticated technology handles billions of API calls with 99.999% uptime 365 days a year

Invested in Innovation

Invested in Innovation

3/4 of our staff is dedicated to building our platform and supporting our customers’ ops needs

Hundreds of configurations

Hundreds of configurations

Each payments feature is built with a variety of configuration options to support your business

Payments tech built with your business in mind

Finix designs for ultimate flexibility and optionality so you can create the unique payments experience that blends seamlessly with your business operations. Our REST API makes our payment technology simple to integrate with, no matter what language your code is written in. You set the rules, and Finix’s API helps you do the rest.

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Finding the right payments solution for your business type

Regardless of your business type or size, you get access to the same set of powerful APIs. All of our payments features are built on one platform, making it easy to configure your payments solution to meet the needs of your business. Simply choose the features you want, and leave the rest. 

 Businesses we serve include:

  • eCommerce or omni-channel retail

  • Wholesalers

  • Software platforms

  • Online Marketplaces

  • PayFacs

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Payment methods

Whether you accept payments in person, online, or both, we have a solution for you complete with all modern payment methods, including:

  • Debit, credit, business card payments


  • Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay

  • A variety of in-person payment terminals


  • Network sponsored gift cards

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Manage your payments operations

Underwriting, reconciliation, dispute management, and more, our platform automates operational processes so you can concentrate on what matters—your customers and products.

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    Efficient onboarding - get started in hours

    Be ready to accept payments quickly with smooth onboarding and underwriting processes.

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    Resolve and manage disputes

    Disputes are difficult enough to navigate. Manage them more efficiently with full transaction visibility in the Finix dashboard and status updates on won, in progress, or lost disputes.

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    Simplify with transparent reporting

    Log into your dashboard to find a variety of automated reports available at your fingertips, and more options to slice and dice the data you want to see on-demand.

Compliance made easy.

Moving money and storing card data can be complex due to strict payments regulations. Finix helps platforms manage these requirements from behind the scenes.

We’ve got your back (office).

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    People-first partnership

    Our team of payments experts will learn your business needs, create tailored integration and training plans, and answer every question along the way.

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    Real responses

    Our team provides thoughtful, human responses to make sure you have all the information and context you need.

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    Compliance experts

    We have a full scale operations and compliance team reviewing risk and verifying transactions are legitimate. If anything looks fishy, we’ll be personally reaching out to you.

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    Plan for the future

    We take a consultative approach to helping you understand your payment options. We’ll be there to listen, strategize, and grow with you from day 1 of your integration.

Start your path to payments ownership today

Create a seamless payment experience that drives customer engagement, using our end-to-end solution.

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