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Compliance Forms

Simplify merchant compliance

Make it easy for your merchants to be compliant with prefilled forms, and monitor completions and statuses in one centralized dashboard.

Manage merchant compliance forms more efficiently

Gain visibility and control over your Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance form management:

  • Get a holistic view of form statuses and completions, manage due dates, and customize notification settings

  • Generate one-time forms per merchant, invalidate expirations, and trigger new forms as needed

  • Create a paper trail of merchant submissions and completed forms

  • Export custom CSV reports of compliance form data for reliable recordkeeping

How it works

  • 01 / 03

    Automate form generation

    The Finix API automatically creates SAQ forms for each of your merchants at onboarding and annually as needed, so you can automate compliance management.

  • 02 / 03

    Let merchants confirm they are compliant with just a few clicks

    Make it simple for merchants to confirm compliance by digitally signing their prefilled SAQ forms. Each form is prefilled with merchant business and compliance information to speed up the process.

  • 03 / 03

    Stay on top of due dates and form statuses

    Dashboard and email notifications, along with centralized reporting, make it simple to keep track of your merchants' compliance deadlines and statuses and to identify problem areas.

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