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The payout solution you need at the price and speed you want

Fast, secure, reliable digital payouts from your business to any recipient. Finix enables businesses across all industries to efficiently send money at scale. Integrate in a matter of days to try our all-in-one Payout solution.

Send money in seconds

One API integration supports sending funds to bank accounts and cards.

Send money in real time1 to cards

  • Push funds to Mastercard and Visa debit cards 24/7, 365 days a year

  • Real-time card verification

  • Flexible payment maximums based on your industry

Send money next-day to bank accounts via ACH

  • Link bank accounts seamlessly

  • Real-time bank account validation

  • Flexible payment maximums based on your industry

One provider for Payments and Payouts

  • Make money and send money faster by leveraging the same API integrations to embed Payments and Payouts into your product.

  • Save time, money, and resources with a unified technology platform.

  • Easily toggle between Payments and Payouts in your dashboard.

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Embedded compliance

Finix vets merchants and recipients before a payout happens, so you can send money with confidence.

  • Compliant sanctions screenings

  • PCI compliance support

Go live fast with a plug-and-play Payouts integration

Once you're onboarded to the Finix platform, go live the same day with Finix's intuitive APIs.

Manage your payouts via API or the Finix dashboard.

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Send money with efficient out-of-the-box tools

Payouts service you can count on

We simplify payouts so you can focus on what matters mostyour product, customers, and business growth. With Finix, you get around-the-clock assistance from a dedicated support team that will ensure your funds are disbursed on time and to the right parties, every time.

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1 Available for most VISA and Mastercard debit cards. Actual fund availability depends on the receiving financial institution and region.