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More payment capabilities. Less development time.

Finix puts thousands of powerful configuration options at your fingertips. Use intuitive APIs to easily tailor each feature to your specific business model, and leverage our low-code, no-code tools for maximum efficiency.

Build more with fewer APIs

Accomplish more with less work, while getting all the configurability and features you need.

  • Integrate and start transacting in just one day

  • Keep it simple or build intricate fund flows based on your needs

  • See a running log of all of your API calls in the dashboard

  • Create webhooks from your dashboard - no coding required. Using webhook logs, monitor dozens of events to ensure your payment operations are running smoothly

  • Integrate directly with major e-commerce plugins like WooCommerce for an easy, plug-and-play experience

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Test and validate in a robust sandbox, integrate seamlessly at the flip of a switch

Finix makes transitioning from a sandbox to a live account effortless. When you’re ready for a new production account, your sandbox work is saved so you can continue testing and get the best of both worlds with a production environment and test environment.

Build your integration in a custom sandbox.
Easily test and verify how Finix's APIs support your workflows.
Update your credentials and endpoints when you’re ready to go live.

Your initial integration allows your business to scale when you're ready—saving you from building dozens of additional integrations.

Consistent API data structure you can count on

Designed around simple resource management with REST API best practices, the Finix API is intuitive. With a consistent structure throughout all endpoints, after you’ve used one Finix API, you’ll understand them all.

Integrate once to reap the benefits of a simple, flexible, reliable payments API that adapts to your business.

Test our APIs with a free account

• Each API call provides all relevant technical data, including links to associated API resources.
• You can run queries for more precise data. For example, combine transaction and merchant ID endpoints to get more details about transactions created by that specific seller.
• Consistent JSON encoded request-response structure that persists throughout all of our API resources.
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“The API was one of the biggest factors for choosing Finix over any other payments platform.”

KJ Singh

KJ Singh | CEO and Co-Founder | Sublime

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