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Electronic Fund Transfers

Pre-Authorized Debits / EFT in Canada

Pre-authorized debits and electronic fund transfers are a convenient and cost-effective way to pay-by-bank online in Canada.

Automatically send and receive funds

With pre-authorized payments, you can automatically complete transactions to and from bank accounts. Canadian businesses use the EFT payment method for a variety of reasons.

  • Healthcare bill payments

  • Recurring bill pay

  • Subscription payments

  • Membership fees

Benefit from pre-authorized debit and EFT payments

  • Transparent, low cost pricing

  • Reliable technology with 99.999% uptime 

  • Seamless integration into your payment solution

  • Convenient setup for recurring payments

  • Higher maximums than other money movement options

Get secure payment processing for EFT and card payments

Finix verifies bank account and card details, tokenizing sensitive account information to ensure each transaction is secure and compliant with Canadian regulations.

Once you’re approved with Finix, start transacting the same day. The Finix API supports all payment methods on one platform, through one integration.

  • Instant bank account verification 

  • Check account balances

  • Verify account ownership

Process transactions of all sizes

EFT is one of many payment methods Finix provides as a payment processor in Canada. Move large amounts of money or accept small, recurring charges with pre-authorized debits.

View EFT transaction details in your Finix dashboard

  • See a historical log of all transactions

  • Keep an eye on which transactions are in pending, succeeded, or failed status

  • View transaction level fees in the API and dashboard

Dedicated support

With Finix, you’ll have a dedicated customer manager and access to 24/7 emergency support, 365 days a year. Contact us to make EFT Canada one of your preferred payment choices for secure, efficient, and reliable electronic funds transfers.

For businesses in the U.S., see ACH Payments.