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ACH Payment Processing

Many companies use ACH to power their payment acceptance or funding processes. Finix enables billions of dollars in ACH payment processing for companies of all sizes.

Instant account verifications for fast ACH payments

  • Instant bank account verification

  • Verify account ownership

ACH Debit

An ACH debit allows you to accept online payments via a direct debit from a bank account.  With Finix’s reliable and intuitive APIs, you can be ready to accept payments via ACH in a matter of days. 

Your transactions are in good hands–we support compliance for ACH transactions by:

  • Validating bank accounts before proceeding with ACH transactions

  • Tokenizing bank account information 

  • Handling notices of change (NOCs)

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Flexible ACH Payouts

Businesses often use ACH payments to pay vendors, or for one-time payments like insurance claim payouts or tips collected via card transactions.

At Finix, we let you determine how fast, or slow, you want your funding transfers to take place.

This transfer of money between accounts comes with certain risks, so Finix will default to standard ACH funding timelines to help manage this risk. Certain companies would prefer to speed this timeframe up or slow it down. We offer both options:

  • Settlement delay of up to 3 days, helping to manage return risk

  • Faster payouts to your merchants, with a security deposit

A comprehensive toolkit on the Finix dashboard

We’ve built our ACH features with all users in mind. In addition to ACH settings, our comprehensive dashboard and reporting tools allow you to see the status of all transactions, whether successful, pending, or failed.

How ACH payout settings work at Finix

ACH options are part of your overall merchant payout settings, which you can view right from your dashboard.

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For all the ways people pay

In addition to ACH payment processing, Finix supporters card and alternative payment acceptance. Take advantage of omni-channel payment processing with a single provider.

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For businesses in Canada, see EFT Payments.