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Payments Built for the Back Office

Every Finix customer and merchant has a custom dashboard auto-populated with their transactions, reports, settlements, and more so anyone from your team can manage your payment operations. No coding required.

Transparent transaction details for easy reconciliation

Be in the know about your transactions. All the payments data you need can be found and exported from your Finix dashboard. Our reports give you visibility into all costs and fees associated with your transactions so you can optimize revenue and improve your customer experience. No need to build complicated data models to reconcile transactions. We make reconciliation a breeze by allowing you to access all your payment details in one place.

Gain insight into the complete transaction lifecycle
Reconcile transactions with ease
View transaction-level details, including sales, captures, refunds, fees and interchange data, and more
View daily and monthly settlement reports
Access daily and monthly dispute details
Access chargeback counts, volume, and rates
View at-a-glance payment metrics
Download custom reports

Intuitively access all transaction information

See all associated information per transaction in your dashboard. For example, your linked payment ID, payment instrument, the merchant the transaction is associated with, the software platform the merchant uses, and more.

Transparency across omnichannel transactions

With the Finix dashboard, back office teams managing operations, finance, risk and more can see all transaction details, with the ability to copy-paste the payment ID, payment instrument ID, or export reporting to ingest payment information into your own reporting system for audits, analyses, and optimization.

Hear from our customers

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We had a customer that had problems when it came to organizing their data because they had to deal with data coming in from Stripe, data coming in from their own fundraising software at the time, then having to reconcile that into their own CRM - which made everything a mess. With Finix, it’s so much more scalable to have a single source of truth that enables payments for fundraising tech.

Mubarrat Choudhury

Mubarrat Choudhury | Co-Founder & CEO | CharityStack

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Every single person that I’ve had the pleasure of working with at Finix has been lovely! They make sure that we get to the bottom of questions or concerns that we have, while working with different processors and different companies. Additionally, it’s amazing how easy it is to get a hold of someone from Finix when it comes to support.

Fiona Darmali

Fiona Darmali | Billing Analyst | Beyond Pricing

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