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Your Guide to Payments for SaaS Platforms

Start accepting payments in days, not months, with a payment solution for SaaS platforms - built to put you in control.

Payments for SaaS Platforms Interested in Growth

Not all payments management platforms are built for SaaS, but Finix is. You know your customer best, so we put you in control with a flexible payments solution that can be customized to your specific needs. From granular access permissions and custom fees down to transaction limits - you define and update your settings as your operations scale. Regardless of size, we make it easy to start today and build a plan for the future. Our version of a successful partnership is your long term payments growth.

How do we do it? With one developer-friendly API, we make the integration process stress free so you can start offering a more seamless merchant experience ASAP.

Learn About Payments Models for SaaS Platforms

Grow your SaaS Revenue with Payments

Your SaaS company knows that finding new ways to scale revenue can become difficult. That’s where integrated payments come in. Payments processing increases the value of your platform and delivers more revenue to your bottom line.

With Finix, any SaaS company can become a payments company - without all the heavy lifting. You can gain more revenue from payments, offer more value to your merchants, and we won’t ask you to divert engineering resources to do it - we’ve got it covered.

Finix’s payments management platform is the best way to gain control over your payments experience and start earning more revenue from transactions on your SaaS platform. You shouldn’t have to choose between your core platform and your payments solution.

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Keep Merchants in Mind

Your SaaS platform was built for merchants, and we want to make it easy for you to work with them. That’s why we centralize all things payments operations - merchant onboarding, payouts, settlements, and disputes - all in one place. When your merchants are happy, growth happens.

Interested in maximizing revenue? You can also create custom fee profiles at the merchant level so that they, and you, can reap the benefits. Incentivize merchants by offering volume discounts or add custom fees for certain kinds of transactions, the sky's the limit.

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Passport + Finix: A Payments Powered Growth Journey

Passport, a mobility infrastructure SaaS platform, knew that they needed to become a payments company in order to power their growth. Since going live with Finix in August of 2019, Passport has seen approximately 70% growth in payment client portfolio.

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