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Infographic: The Future of Payments is Frictionless

In today’s digitized world, the payment process plays an integral role in the customer experience—especially for SaaS companies.  Consumers expect a frictionless experience throughout every touchpoint of their journey—and this is a driving trend across all industries. The demand for exceptional service presents new and unique challenges for platforms as they seek a competitive edge in their vertical.

What many companies are starting to see is that the payments experience is part of the problem—but also part of the solution. By taking steps to control the payments process, software platforms can provide a seamless, branded experience and earn revenue from each transaction. This infographic explores the current trends in payments and how they can help you exceed your customer expectations.

Trend #1: Consumers expect frictionless experiences

Consumers expect frictionless experiences in everything they do, and that extends to how they pay. Anything considered outdated, slow or cumbersome will hinder growth rates.

Trend #2: Consumers are rapidly moving away from cash payments

The rapid decline of cash and traditional payments (check, money order, etc.) have triggered SaaS companies to integrate payments into their platforms at unprecedented rates.

Trend #3: Growth in card-not-present (CNP) transactions (credit and debit)

CNP transactions (i.e. entered online, typed into a terminal, etc.) have seen significant growth in recent years as consumers and businesses continue to move toward a more digitized experience.

Trend #4: The role of artificial intelligence (AI) in payments and the customer experience

AI is becoming an integral part of how businesses operate across industries—including customer service and product innovation. This is especially true when it comes to compliance and fraud.

Trend #5: Growing reliance on technology in the workforce

Online products and services have become a necessity in the workforce, and the growing reliance on technology is changing how B2B companies interact with their customers. This is especially true for SaaS and small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs). With this widespread technology usage comes lucrative revenue opportunities for SaaS platforms that integrate payments and cater to the SMB segment.

Trend #6: Increase in revenue for platforms processing payments

Just as SaaS companies are now seeing the need to improve their payments experience, they’re also seeing the revenue opportunity from integrating payments into their platforms.


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