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Payments Power Players Join Finix

It's an exciting time to be a payments nerd. And we've been lucky over the last few months to welcome some experienced payments and software industry veterans to our growing team here at Finix.

We help companies embed payments into their existing software platforms. With Finix, a wide variety of vertical software companies are delighting consumers and merchants alike with a superior payments product experience while recouping between 50-100 basis points (bps) per transaction. Instead of paying that amount in the form of processing fees to third parties, our customers are taking those funds and investing in customer acquisition and product development. This makes a huge difference for fast-growing, product-focused software companies working hard to dominate their markets.

As you might imagine, helping companies stand up managed payments infrastructure is a task that requires expertise, precision, and passion. Luckily for us, our last cohort of new additions is a group of payments people who have plenty of all three. While each of the team members introduced below brings their unique perspectives to our team, there's one thing they all have in common: the unwavering belief that managed payments infrastructure through embedded payments will unlock massive opportunities for enterprise companies looking to win their vertical.

Girish Balasubramanian

VP of Product & Data

Former: Payment Methods Product Management, Stripe

For nearly two decades, Girish has worked at the center of the payments industry with leading innovators, like PayPal, Western Union, and Stripe. His experience spans several facets of financial services, including processing, risk, compliance, consumer behavior, checkout, cross-border, and global payment methods. As we scale at Finix, to make payments frictionless for software companies, his experience will serve to lead our Product and Data organizations.

"I have had the chance to work on myriad aspects of payments. Even as payments evolved, the complexity remained hidden -- initially behind simple redirect experiences and subsequently behind elegant but inscrutable APIs. These abstractions worked well until platform businesses started to push their limits in pursuit of better customer experience and economics. The innards of payments were not designed to be rearranged and owned by platforms, big and small. Not until now. Not until Finix."

Talk to Girish about how to prepare your product for embedded payments.

Billy Chen

International GM

Former: Director of Payments, Uber

Billy joins Finix from Google and Uber, two companies known for their forward-thinking approach to payments and software. At Uber, Billy spent more than six years in Payments Strategy and Operations, where he worked on localizing payments, scaling payment operations, growing the global payments organization, and helping to create products that could turn payments from a cost center to a revenue generator. He will be essential to our growth trajectory as we look towards opportunities beyond the US, in Canada, Latin America, and Europe.

"I've spent the last six years at Uber building and scaling payments globally so that payments could be seamless and frictionless for its users. I've worked on localizing payments and helping create products that could turn payments from a cost center to a revenue generator. Payments are becoming a part of the product and value proposition for many companies, but few have the luxury or capability of building and managing that function in-house. I love that Finix is at the forefront of enabling this new wave of commerce growth for companies of all sizes. I'm excited to find a team that shares my same passion for demystifying this model and democratizing access to this type of payments infrastructure."

Talk to Billy about how to embed payments into your international software.

Austin Spires

Director of Technical Solutions

Former: Senior Director, Customer Incident Response, Fastly

After spending six years as a director of product management and customer incident response at Fastly, Austin joined the team at Finix, bringing his passion for developer tooling with him. Over the past ten years, he's followed along as infrastructure leaders like AWS, Heroku, and GitHub have led the transformation of tooling, drastically improving the lives of engineering teams everywhere. As financial services become a part of every software company in the world, companies who provide the foundational building blocks of financial services stand to power the next wave of category-defining winners. At Finix, Austin leads our technical solutions team and uses his vast product experience to improve our systems for customers.

"In nearly every industry in IT, tooling has been upended by new entrants who provide faster configuration, brilliant product design, and greater flexibility for operators. In the wake of these changes, the decision-makers in technology purchasing have shifted from the executive level to the front-line operators and managers. Finance and payments will soon encounter these tidal shifts in the marketplace, and Finix will play a part in their arrival. Payments professionals deserve exceptional tools."

Talk to Austin to learn more about improving your payments teams' tooling.

An organization is only as great as the people who belong to it. We're bringing together the most passionate and experienced team of industry experts, leaders, and innovators to bring managed payments infrastructure to every software company. Together, we're transforming vertical software companies into self-sustaining growth organizations that can more-fully meet the needs of their merchants. It's already been an amazing ride, and we're just getting started. Want to join us?

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