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Finix Adds Senior Leaders from Google, Tesla, and Uber to its Executive Team

We aim to make every software company a payments company. That’s a big job. To get it done, we need to have ambitious, talented, and experienced people to lead the team. That’s why today, we are so proud to share that we’re building a top-notch C-suite in line with our growth and representative of our company culture.

Over the last few months, we’ve hired three incredible senior executives to the roles of Chief Technology Officer, Chief Operations Officer, and Senior VP of Revenue. Our newest leaders are seasoned executives with experience building, operating, and growing some of Silicon Valley’s most notable companies. We’re thrilled to introduce:

Fiona Taylor

Chief Operating Officer

Fiona is an operations executive with an impeccable resume. She spent a decade as an Officer in the Royal Australian Air Force and another decade in the UK managing investment services and credit ratings throughout Europe. Fiona has spent the last fourteen years in the United States structuring and optimizing operations at technology companies. From Visa’s and Solar City’s IPO to Solar City’s acquisition by Tesla to her most recent role as Marqeta’s SVP of Operations, Fiona brings Finix a wealth of experience managing high-growth, global operations.

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I joined Finix because the team is building deliberately and thoughtfully for the long-term, not just the next quarter. We’re as focused on the long-term business plan as we are on the company’s culture—imprinting growth, diversity, and integrity at our core. It’s inspiring. It’s far more exciting to create something than to change what already exists. Joining Finix now, when I can truly help establish the culture and operational infrastructure that will drive our success, is invigorating. Simply put: I was looking for a high-integrity organization where leadership is thoughtful and invests in its employees; a company that is building products and platforms that I believe can help the world, and I found just that at Finix. This is a once in a generational opportunity, and I’m so thankful to be part of the team.”

Fiona Taylor | Chief Operating Officer

Ramana Satyavarapu

Chief Technology Officer

You probably use a piece of software Ramana helped create. He was a founding member of Microsoft Office 365 and the head of engineering for Google Play Search. He led Software infrastructure Engineering at Uber and was most recently the Head of Data Platforms & Products at Two Sigma, a renowned quantitative hedge fund. He led pioneering data initiatives leveraged by 1,000+ engineers, researchers, and Two Sigma fund portfolios to drive oversize returns. At Finix, Ramana’s ability to deliver customer-focused products, harness complex data, and scale globally will be invaluable.

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Finix is a golden opportunity to transform the global payments ecosystem. Finix has the right set of people, processes, and product mindset to achieve this. In my career, I always gravitate towards bold and ambitious challenges which make me uncomfortably excited. This is the same drive that made me challenge the status quo of established products like Microsoft Office and Google Search Appliance to deliver highly successful Office 365 and Google Cloud Search. I couldn't be happier that I came to Finix to repeat the success, deliver magical payments solutions, delight customers, and build a world-class organization.”

Ramana Satyavarapu | Chief Technology Officer

Adam Boushie

Chief Revenue Officer

Adam is an internationally experienced executive and entrepreneur who has invested more than 20 years building global technology companies. Before Finix, Adam was the Chief Revenue Officer for Gloo. Prior, Adam was an early employee at Google Cloud, where he spent eight years building and leading teams across the US, Europe, Middle East, and Africa. During his tenure, he helped grow Google Cloud to $8B in revenue. Adam has a proven track record of scaling businesses from a small startup to a global technology powerhouse. This first-hand leadership will be crucial as he helps accelerate Finix’s growth.

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When I evaluated companies to be part of, I asked myself four questions: “(1) Is the company solving a problem worth solving? (2) Is the team passionate about solving the problem? (3) Does the team have the intellectual ability to solve the problem? (4) Does the company have the resources they need to solve the problem?” For Finix, the answer to each question was an emphatic “yes!” The company is full of genuinely good people who are innovative and hungry to achieve greatness. The market opportunity is massive, and yet we are in the early days. Finix has the opportunity to change the world, and I’m thrilled to be a part of it. One of the best takeaways from my time at Google is telling my kids that I had a part in building one of the world’s most successful companies. I can’t wait to tell my grandchildren how I helped build two of the world’s best businesses: Google and Finix.”

Adam Boushie | Chief Revenue Officer

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