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Finix & Archy: Improving Payments Experiences for Dental Offices

By partnering with Finix, Archy is able to own the payments cycle and scale their payments business.

The Numbers


Increased monthly transaction volume


Growth in monthly active processing merchants

Top Finix features for Archy:

  • Single API integration for online and in-person payments

  • Choice of hardware and software

  • The ability to control distribution and setup of hardware for customers

  • Transparent transaction details

  • Easy dispute and chargeback management

  • Payments data and reporting

  • Seamless onboarding


Archy is a platform that provides an all-in-one management solution for dental offices. With Archy, dental offices can manage everything in one place, including patient appointments and insurance claims. Archy also handles payments, which is where Finix comes in.

The Challenge & Opportunity

Jonathan Rat, CEO of Archy, is no stranger to the payments industry. He has more than eight years of payments experience working at companies like SurveyMonkey, Facebook and Uber. With Archy, his mission is to provide dental offices with an all-in-one platform solution, including making payments easy on the patient and providers.

According to Jonathan, simplifying the payment experience is the “secret ingredient” that’s missing in dental management. On average, dental practices lose 9% of revenue due to missed collections. This harsh reality stems from the inability of many offices to keep patient credit cards on file. Patients often have outstanding balances for days, weeks, and sometimes months after an appointment happens. This is mostly due to the insurance filing process. Patients typically pay a copay or an estimated amount before the final amount is determined. Not having cards on file to quickly handle outstanding balances creates a lot of friction for dental offices and their patients.

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We wanted to make sure that we had payment processing behind us, supporting our needs.

Jonathan Rat, Co-Founder & CEO of Archy

Jonathan knew he needed a flexible payments solution that could not only handle the current issues with dental practice payments, but could meet future needs as technology evolves. Because of his background in payments, he also knew that building this type of feature himself would be too costly, time-consuming, and wouldn’t scale for his customers.

Before deciding to partner with Finix, Jonathan did his homework. Jonathan considered several payment solutions including Payrix, Adyen, and Stripe. Since Archy is a newer and smaller SaaS company, Jonathan believed if he went with an industry giant like Stripe that he wouldn’t get the individualized support or terms of service he was looking for.

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We couldn’t justify the higher fees that come with Stripe.

Jonathan Rat, Co-Founder & CEO of Archy

Another crucial component in the dental industry is the need for in-person payments. Most dental practices don't have online payments but​ almost all dental offices accept credit or debit cards onsite. Jonathan wanted a payments solution that could support both online and in-person payments with a single, simple integration. He found that Finix was the provider that could best help remedy this payment pain for Archy.

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We looked at Adyen, Stripe, and several other companies, but we knew we wanted to integrate quickly, and Finix made the most sense in terms of how quickly it would take to integrate.

Jonathan Rat, Co-Founder & CEO of Archy

Implementation services and in-person payments

When it came to implementation, Jonathan said the flexibility and responsiveness Finix provided was unparalleled. The product and customer support team made the onboarding process feel seamless.

Archy was fully integrated and processing payments in less than 3 weeks. Our in-person payments solution allowed Archy to scale the delivery of terminals and take ownership of setting them up for their customers. This not only took work off their customers’ plates, but also made the process frictionless for their busy dentistry customers.

Another Finix feature Jonathan values is the ability to quickly monitor every terminal for each onboarded merchant. He can easily see when there are issues with the terminals or if he needs to deactivate a terminal and send a new one out to a customer.

The Finix dashboard lets Jonathan monitor Archy’s payments infrastructure to ensure it’s running efficiently. Finix's dashboard provides Jonathan with a view into the transaction-level data for their merchants, making it easy to spot and proactively communicate with merchants who are experiencing issues such as declined transactions.

Another important aspect of Finix’s payments solution is the reporting functionality and the fact that reports are accessible from the dashboard. Data is critical to optimizing payments and Jonathan is enthusiastic about what reporting features Finix will implement next.

Payment processing is critical to Archy’s revenue stream and Jonathan looks forward to Archy’s future with Finix.

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The collaboration between the Finix team and Archy is the best benefit to being a Finix customer. When it came to onboarding, everything went smoothly. Not every third-party vendor that we partner with is as flexible or as collaborative as Finix.

Jonathan Rat, Co-Founder & CEO of Archy

Partnering with Finix Results:

With Finix, Archy's patients can safely and securely store payment details in their patient portal, which allows the practice (with the patient’s consent) to charge their cards immediately—without compromising security. Once dental offices are onboarded with Archy, they can request in-person payment terminals that come fully integrated—making Archy the one-stop-shop for tracking dental patients and payments.

Jonathan’s goals for Archy in the coming year include onboarding additional dental offices to Archy’s software platform and creating seamless payment experiences for them with Finix.

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I want payments to be like an Uber experience, where my customers onboard with Archy and Finix, they charge their patients, and they don’t even mention it, because it’s working seamlessly.

Jonathan Rat, Co-Founder & CEO of Archy

Jonathan Rat, Co-Founder & CEO of Archy

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