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Your Guide to Integrated Payments

Integrating payments with a technology partner means you get all the benefits of bringing payments in-house without having to build them yourself.

Integrated Payments are what you need for a Seamless Experience

Integrated payments are built right into your platform with API technology so that users never leave your site when making payments.

Integrated payments allow you to build payments infrastructure straight into your core platform, making it easier for merchants to accept payments, and streamlining the experience for both the merchant and consumer.

There are a multitude of benefits to integrating payments for software platforms who are ready for the step. Control, increased revenue, better customer experiences, and more. There are a few ways you can go about integrating or embedding payments, depending on the balance of control and risk you want between your platform and the payments processing company.

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Control the Flow of Funds

When a software company controls the flow of funds, merchants get smooth and customized payments experiences and, most importantly, software companies recapture revenue (around $5 for every $1000 it processes) that otherwise would be paid to a third party. Companies that go the integrated or embedded payments route actually own the merchant relationships they establish so they can better control the flow of funds.

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Gain Control of Your Payments Operations

Integrated or embedded payments make it a lot easier for you, the platform, to control a lot of elements that couldn’t be controlled when working with an ISO or Referral provider. These elements include:

  • Customizability of fee profiles

  • Whitelabelling of the payments form

  • Integrated onboarding and underwriting of merchants

  • Settlements and reconciliations

  • Dispute management

  • Payout schedules

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Increase Revenue with Integrated Payments

If you’re just paying to process payments as an add-on to your core product, you’re missing out on revenue. When you integrate or embed payments you have the opportunity to create a whole new stream of revenue, by defining custom fee profiles that allow your platform to retain more of the payment processing fees.

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