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Q4 2023 Finix Product Update: Elevating Your Payment Experience

Welcome to the latest Finix quarterly product update! In Q4 2023, we pushed the boundaries of payment innovation to bring you features that simplify processes and empower your business's growth. Check out the key highlights below.

Hybrid terminals for in-person transactions

Our In-Person Payment solution offers optionality through our diverse selection of hardware. In Q4 2023, we introduced Sunmi payment terminals to our suite of point-of-sale options. The Sunmi P2 is a versatile payment terminal compatible with the Finix API. It lets you seamlessly transition between tabletop and handheld modes, and supports Wi-Fi and 4G LTE connectivity for smooth in-person transactions. Learn more about how to integrate to the Sunmi P2.

Swift, secure, and dependable digital payouts

In Q4, we announced our new product, Finix Payouts. Whatever your industry or use case, we’ve got you covered! Now your business can send money to any recipient in real time, 24/7, 365 days a year. The best part? You can use our payouts solution independently or alongside our payment product for a seamless experience—all with the same integration and managed in one unified dashboard.

  • Plug-and-play integration

  • Push funds instantly to cards and next-day via ACH

  • Embedded compliance

  • Detailed reporting and analytics

No-code payment links make transactions effortless

With Finix’s Payment Links, your business can make more sales by letting customers complete transactions from anywhere, on any device. No website or custom checkout page required! You can generate payment links in just a few clicks right from the Finix dashboard.

Our payment link solution lets you create single-use links for personalized buying experiences or multi-use links that can be shared with multiple customers across multiple channels. For each option, your customers are sent to an optimized checkout page that lets them effortlessly complete their purchase.

Streamline your payment process with low-code checkout pages

Construct personalized low-code checkout forms and integrate checkout pages within your website with minimal development effort. Our user-friendly solution helps you deliver frictionless buyer experiences, optimized for both mobile and web devices.

  • White label options for a consistent brand experience

  • Payment pages optimized for checkout conversions

Virtual Terminal point of sale system for easy payment processing for every sector

Access the Virtual Terminal right from your Finix Dashboard to key in credit or debit card transactions effortlessly without a physical point-of-sale. Our virtual terminal lets you take payments over the phone, in person, or by mail. It can also be used to process SaaS fee charges outside of transactions or as a backup if your in-personal payment terminal goes down.

More exciting updates to come!

This overview is just a glimpse of the latest Finix enhancements. Explore our detailed release notes for a comprehensive view of all prior and current feature releases to learn how they can help your business evolve and manage payments more efficiently.

We're already working on some more exciting features for Q1 2024 and beyond that will further enrich your processing experience—stay tuned for updates!

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