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Q3 2023 Product Update: Powerful New Insights & Payment Tools

Power more possibilities with additional dashboard analytics, new tools to accept online payment information with less code, and more in-person payment terminals.

Accept, analyze and manage your payments in powerful new ways

Welcome to our quarterly product recap! At Finix, we’re committed to continuously enhancing our platform with next-gen innovations that make payments easier for you and help you better power your business’s growth.

In Q3 2023, our team rolled out new features and functionalities that help you accept and manage payments with more visibility, speed, and optionality. Let’s recap some highlights!

More insights to help you analyze your payments

To understand and optimize your payments, you need visibility at your fingertips. Over the past two quarters, we’ve upgraded the Finix dashboard with new analytics and tools that let you see your payments data in powerful new ways.

Earlier this year (Q2), we introduced a redesigned Homepage and brand new Transactions Insights page, featuring dozens of new metrics, charts, and visualizations.

In Q3, we took this a step further, equipping you with more intelligence for other aspects of your business:

  • Our new Exceptions Insights page provides a clearer picture of your disputes and ACH returns so you can manage them more efficiently.

  • For platforms providing payments to other businesses, our new Merchants Insights page gives you a holistic view of your seller operations—with data points around overall activity, compliance, onboarding, and more.

Through unified analytics and insights, we bring all your teams together—from finance and compliance to revenue and more—and empower your business with the tools you need to translate payments data into growth.

Accept online payment information with less code

Throughout Q3 and into Q4, we worked on a suite of new easy-to-embed payment forms that make accepting payment information from buyers in your app or website easier, faster, and more customizable than ever before.

Just like our existing tokenization UI tools, these new pre-built components help you minimize your compliance burden by embedding secure acceptance and tokenization of card or bank account details into your checkout flow.

The main difference?

They require significantly less code. Developers can quickly get them up and running with less than 10 lines of code needed.

These new low-code tools also feature more customization, so you can better configure colors, fonts, sizing, shapes, and more to better match the look and feel of your brand and unique checkout requirements. They also have a more intuitive design and better error handling and validation. This makes transaction experiences more seamless for buyers and helps you drive more conversions. Watch for more enhancements to these new forms in the quarters ahead!

New terminals to power your in-person payment needs

When it comes to in-person payments, we prioritize flexibility, optionality, and speed. We believe in providing our customers with a diverse portfolio of hardware to choose from, capable of powering your different payment needs.

That’s why we added six new PAX terminals to our suite of multi-manufacturer-supported hardware. Our expansive selection of terminals offers a variety of form factors tailored for different use cases, including mobile, counter, and unattended. As well as advanced functionalities like receipt printing, barcode scanning, enhanced connectivity, and more—helping you avoid vendor lock-in and find the device that’s right for your business.

Additional feature releases

Easily search and export dispute data with 30+ new filters

Disputes are complicated, but we’ve been working to make managing them a whole lot easier and faster for you.

Back in Q2 2023, we added new dispute capabilities—like the ability to upload evidence files and concede disputes right in the Finix dashboard. This past quarter, we continued to enhance our dispute tools by adding more than 30 new filters that help you better put your dispute data to work. With expanded filters, it’s now easier to search, sort, and export specific dispute data based on your custom parameters. With more seamless access to the exact dispute information you’re looking for, managing the complexities of disputes is a lot simpler for you.

More seamless bulk exports on dashboard pages

With payments comes a lot of data. To make the process of exporting large custom data sets quicker for you, we added the ability to easily generate bulk exports throughout the Finix dashboard via a single click of a button.

Leverage our data filters to compile the exact data you want to export, and click the new “Export All” button on the Authorizations, Merchant Accounts, Settlements, Disputes, and Settlement Entries pages of the dashboard to pull your custom reports.

Test split transactions in your Finix sandbox

In today’s distributed economy, payments can sometimes look more like a web. They often involve multiple products from different marketplace sellers or products and services where the payment needs to be split among multiple recipients, such as a restaurant, delivery driver, and food ordering app.

Modern buyers expect smooth and seamless experiences for these types of transactions, where they just make one payment and the other parties figure out the rest. Behind the scenes, the process of performing these types of splits can be quite complex.

We’ve been rolling out infrastructure to help streamline these types of multi-party use cases, with split transactions currently in early access.

Want to test them out? Right now anyone with a Finix account can test splitting a transaction in their sandbox environment.

There’s plenty more where that came from!

That’s just an at-a-glance look at the new enhancements we’ve released to continue to provide our customers with a single, unified solution that evolves just as fast as the needs of your business. To see everything we released last quarter and stay up-to-date with the latest Finix updates, be sure to check out our release notes.

As we wrap up this Q3 update, we're already hard at work to bring you more exciting features in Q4 and beyond that make processing payments easier and more seamless and powerful for you. Stay tuned!

And if you want to learn more about these new features, feel free to contact your Finix representative.

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