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Introducing New Features and Expanded Payment Solutions for More Business Types [Webinar]

Features built to benefit your business

Past Webinar

Learn about our latest features and new customer segments

In this product webinar with Stephanie Nehmens, our Director of Product Marketing, you’ll learn about Finix’s exciting new features for developers and back-office users as well as our expanded payment services for marketplaces and individual businesses.

Webinar Agenda - new features and business types

  • New customer segments

  • User Management

  • Developer tools

  • Live Q&A

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Our latest product release was based on real customer feedback—you ask, we listen! We incorporated the top requested features and sprinkled in some functionalities that your payments team will love. Learn all about it in this webinar! 

At Finix, we’re committed to providing a customer-first experience and creating payment solutions that make managing payments easier, more efficient, and add to your bottom line.