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Finix is in Chicago!

We are excited to announce the opening of a Finix Product & Engineering Hub in Chicago! 

We are excited to announce the opening of a Finix Product & Engineering Hub in Chicago! 

We considered several cities for a new office focused on Engineering, Product, and Support roles, and Chicago came out on top. We already have five Finixians working in the Chicago office and aim to grow the team there to fifteen soon. We are excited to join Chicago’s growing tech community!

We’re looking for people excited about fintech and passionate about building and growing a new, diverse team from the ground up. The engineering team in Chicago will be a strategic part of Finix’s research & development team leading major initiatives and strategic bets.For example, one area of focus could be fraud monitoring and prevention. Fraud is an essential part of the payments ecosystem, impacting providers and their customers alike. It’s ever-evolving too. From 2019 to 2023, analysts predict there will be more than $130 billion in digital payments fraud. Whenever technology is released to combat fraud, bad actors find new ways to steal. Fraud prevention is vital to our customers’ success, and we need curious and creative people to stay two (or more) steps ahead. Leveraging technology to identify patterns and prevent fraudsters from successfully accessing the payments ecosystem is incredibly rewarding. It's a lot like solving a complex puzzle with constantly changing pieces.

If you want to work on fintech projects with high visibility and impact, we’d love to talk to you about working for Finix in Chicago’s West Loop. We’re hiring engineers at various levels (Software Engineer + Sr. Software Engineer), Product Managers, and multiple Support roles.

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