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Whitepaper: Transforming Your Business by Including Payment Facilitator Capabilities

This whitepaper from Discover and Mercator Advisory Group educates SaaS companies on the benefits of payment facilitator capabilities.

As the world continues its digital evolution, payments are an integral part of the consumer experience—especially for SaaS platforms. As payments nerds on the frontlines of the Fintech industry, Finix is always happy to share our knowledge. That’s why we partnered with Mercator Advisory Group and Discover on a whitepaper: Transforming Your Business by Including Payment Facilitator Capabilities.

Who is Discover’s whitepaper for?

This whitepaper focuses on payment facilitation and revenue potential for SaaS platforms, and provides value to software companies of all sizes. 

What you'll learn 

Discover explores how the demand for software solutions for SMBs is opening up new revenue opportunities for platforms and how legacy programs are no longer advantageous. They discuss how integrating payments: 

  • Improves the customer experience

  • Reduces costs

  • Helps with risk management

  • And more…

You’ll also read how our customer, Passport, a transportation software company, solved many of its payment pain points, increased ROI, and closed their latest investment round by integrating payments with Finix. Moreover, you’ll learn about the payment processing model, courtesy of Finix’s payments layer cake—a visual breakdown of the process.  

Why you should read it now

Becoming a payment facilitator is a transformative opportunity for SaaS platforms and Discover’s whitepaper is an excellent resource for anyone interested in making the most of their platform’s payment processing.

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