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More Ways to Accept In-Person Payments Than Ever

Finix is further expanding its In-Person Payment offerings, rolling out more software development kits and APIs to pair with a suite of point-of-sale payment terminals from multiple manufacturers. The best part? Only a single integration is required.

In-Person Payments built to scale with customer needs

Whether you’re already a payment facilitator (PayFac) or a business looking to outsource your payments (PayFac-as-a-service), Finix built In-Person Payments with your needs in mind. 

Finix began offering APIs to process payments in-person in 2019. Today, Finix’s In-Person Payments suite is being re-imagined for greater scalability, efficiency, and ease of use. Our latest release includes highly reliable Finix Mobile SDKs and Finix API software. With a wide variety of payment terminals and only one integration needed, In-Person Payments provides more optionality and flexibility than ever before.

What’s new?

  • Finix API software to pair with a large suite of tabletop payment terminals, and certain portable payment terminals

  • Finix Mobile SDKs that can be paired with multiple portable or tabletop payment terminals 

  • An all-in-one solution—including gateway, key injection, and distribution 

  • Easy management of payment terminals in the Finix dashboard

  • Software support

  • SDKs and APIs for both sandbox and production use, so you can go live at your own pace

Learn more about our suite of in-person and online payments acceptance options here.

The easiest way to manage in-person payments 

Finix aims to make accepting payments in-person as easy as possible. Working with Finix means avoiding excessive development time and multiple contracts with a gateway, key injection facility, and distribution center. As a Finix customer outlined below, not only did working with Finix make their payments process more efficient, it can provide added value in unexpected ways. For Girish Kartha, SpiceApp Founder, that materialized in the form of increased tip revenue. 

Quotation mark

For a restaurant software provider, processing card-present payments for its guests is central for smooth operation. Simplifying the payment workflow increased tip revenue for our clients while providing a better guest experience. Having a PayFac partner like Finix has helped us onboard clients faster and close more deals. With their expertise and support, we are able to integrate payment solutions to meet the unique needs of restaurants. The Finix team is vested in mutual success, and we love working with them to make the payment experience better for our clients.

Girish Kartha | Founder, SpiceApp | Restaurant payment software provider

Choose your software and hardware pairing

Pair your choice of software and payment terminals to create your In-Person Payment package

To create your In-Person Payment package, you’ll want to choose which software and payment terminals work best for your business, your merchants, and their end buyers (cardholders). The Finix Mobile SDK is best for those who want to control their payment terminals with a mobile device–like a mobile phone or tablet. These are typically paired with portable payment devices. The Finix API is best for those who want to accept and process payments in a stationary location with an API through an internet connection. The Finix API is typically used with a computer and tabletop payment terminal.

Payment Terminal Optionality

Select from multiple manufacturers, payment terminal types, and technology integrations. The categories of payment terminals include: 

  • Tabletop payment terminals 

  • Portable (handheld) payment terminals 

Easy single-integration In-Person Payments save 50% or more of development time

With Finix’s modern In-Person Payments approach, customers save 50% or more of development time when compared with semi-integrated models. Customers also get a gateway, key injection, and payment terminal distribution–all through Finix. 

The single-integration software options include:

Finix Mobile SDKs - including iOS and Android

  • The Finix Mobile SDKs work by connecting them with your mobile payments app on a phone or tablet

  • It’s important to budget time to build your payments app and payments acceptance page–if you don’t already have them

  • Once the Finix Mobile SDK is embedded in your app, you can control a portable or tabletop payment terminal with it

Finix API 

  • The Finix API works by accepting payments on a tabletop or portable payment terminal which are processed with an API call through your internet connection

To learn more about In-Person Payments, reach out to us here.