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Finix’s reliable, configurable platform is designed to give you maximum control over your payments. From low-code, no-code tools, to flexible features that you can shape around your product, our enterprise-grade technology will scale with your business and power your growth. Contact us to learn how you can power your payments with Finix.


Daily transactions

Hundreds of API configurations


Uptime 365 days a year

10s of billions of API calls annually

Payments built for scale

Designed to work for all business types and sizes. From PayFacs with complex funds flows to individual merchant businesses, one integration to our platform will support your needs at every stage of your company’s growth. 

  • Sophisticated technology built to help your business thrive in today’s complex payments environment

  • No-code back-office payments tools for enhanced visibility and efficiency

  • Robust reporting and analytics for insights that help you enhance payments operations and financials

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Payments built for flexibility

Choose from hundreds of configurations to design the payments solution that works for your business. 

  • Customize fee profiles down to the merchant level

  • Access Interchange-based pricing for businesses of all sizes

  • Configure settlement and payout schedules per merchant

  • Capture Level 2 / Level 3 transaction data to reduce interchange fees for commercial card transactions

  • Unlock revenue optimization with control over fee profiles and transaction-level transparency.

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Payments built for building

Our platform offers a suite of tools and features so you can easily build a unique payments experience that works best for your business. Accept payments, grow revenue, and control your payments operations with a single integration and easy-to-use, reliable technology.  

  • Integrate quickly with intuitive APIs

  • Choose between pre-built features or use the API for more customization

  • Use Finix APIs to create a tailored merchant onboarding experience 

  • Webhook alerts that make it easy to monitor and troubleshoot payments activities

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Pricing made to optimize your payments

We offer Flat Rate, Dynamic (Interchange+) or Custom fee models. Choose the pricing model that fits your business best. If you’re a platform, you can also customize sub-merchant fees and payout schedules for overall pricing configurability.

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Hear from our customers

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We wanted to onboard with a company that we could grow with. A company that we can have an impact with and the ability to reach out and say “Hey, here’s what we need” and that understanding of what SaaS platforms like us are trying to achieve. That’s what drew us to Finix.

Jonathan Rat

Jonathan Rat | Co-Founder & CEO | Archy

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If you’re invested in your customer experience and you want a reliable partner that you can count on, it’s Finix!

KJ Singh

KJ Singh | CEO and Co-Founder | Sublime

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We started as a very small line of business team, but we quickly realized that payments were so core to our business, that we needed every department across the organization to adopt the mentality that we are not only a mobility company, we are also a payments company.

Kate Bothe

Kate Bothe | Passport


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