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Good payments experiences = good customer experiences

You know that payments are important to your platform’s bottom line, so designing good customer experiences is essential. From onboarding a new customer, to speed of payouts, these experiences really make an impression. Make sure you get them right.

The formula for building good experiences

Good payments experiences don't happen by accident. Here are a small selection of the factors that add up to a good experience for your merchants and their customers.

Our Customers

Finix processes billions of dollars every year for leading SaaS, marketplace, and e-commerce platforms.

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About our Product

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    We’ve created a comprehensive dashboard to help you manage your customers. Access everything from streamlined onboarding and underwriting to payout settings for your customers.

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    No one likes to manage disputes, but our dashboard makes it easier to see and accept or fight them. Even better, our real-time fraud monitoring will prevent disputes before they have a chance to happen.

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    Customer Support

    We’re a team of self-professed payments nerds and pride ourselves on walking alongside our customers so they can get ultimate benefit from their payment processing.

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