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Fraud and Risk Management

Finix fights fraud with you

Combat and prevent payment fraud with a combination of adaptive machine learning, rules-based fraud detection, and a dedicated team of industry experts.

Combat fraud with a trusted partner

To keep pace with how to prevent fraud in your business, traditional rulesets are important, but they aren't enough.

Machine learning in fraud prevention is paramount to your risk strategy, continuously adapting to and identifying new patterns of suspicious behavior.

Work with a partner that offers rules-based and machine learning fraud management in one.

Rulesets Defined by a Team of Industry Experts

Rules-based fraud detection bakes in logic to block known threats, like transactions from cards issued in sanctions countries.

The humans behind the algorithms–Finix's team of subject matter experts–define and oversee fraud rulesets.

  • Rulesets are continuously updated to account for known threats.

  • Finix's Fraud team conducts quality assurance and reviews fraudulent activity flagged for decisioning.

Machine Learning

Adaptive machine learning models are trained with hundreds of billions of network-wide data points to proactively identify ever-changing fraud patterns.

Machine learning algorithms monitor for risks like:

  • BIN / card testing

  • Suspicious activity tied to IP addresses

  • Known emails belonging to suspicious person(s) or businesses

  • Email ages

  • Suspicious domains

Get Fraud Monitoring with no extra code or integration

Integrate to Finix's gateway to process payments, and you're already integrated to our Fraud Monitoring solution.

Want to make updates to your custom fraud rulesets? There's no developer or code required for that either. Simply use the no-code solutions and tools in your dashboard.

A fraud solution for every business



Proprietary ruleset crafted by Finix industry experts

Transaction fraud scores in the Finix dashboard

Implementation support from Finix

Machine learning fraud detection

No additional integration required

Fraud data insights

Backtesting and rule simulation testing


Custom defined ruleset


Ongoing Finix support for custom transaction monitoring


Detect and Protect

By detecting and blocking fraudulent transactions, you can improve chargeback rates.

  • All transactions are screened against our expert set of fraud prevention rules and analyzed by machine learning software.

  • Our fraud detection API evaluates the transaction, assigns a risk score, and applies approval or block decisions.

  • Transactions that match any of our fraud triggers are automatically rejected.

Stop fraud, maximize revenue

Finix's team and fraud services help you prevent false fraud flags, allowing more legitimate sales in the door to increase your profit margin.

Minimize losses by stopping fraudulent transactions
Reduce time spent on manual review with automated decisioning
Increase profits by lowering chargeback rates
Get complete transaction transparency
Monitor all transactions and their status in your dedicated dashboard
Work with Finix's team of industry experts-not an automated reply service

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Create a seamless payment experience that drives customer engagement, using our end-to-end solution.

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