Website Requirements

Find out what is required on your website to process payments.

To process payments, Finix follows regulations set by Visa’s Global Brand Protection Program (GBPP) and Mastercard’s Business Risk Assessment and Mitigation (BRAM) program.

The regulations for Mastercard’s BRAM and Visa’s GBPP are designed to protect the card brands and customers from illegal and brand-damaging activity. Under BRAM and GBPP, the card brands impose fines for processing any activity that's illegal, fraudulent, or poses a regulatory or reputational risk.

Finix conducts regular scans of onboarded merchants and platforms to verify compliance with the BRAM and GBPP guidelines.

Examples of activities that can incur fines include:

  • The illegal sale of prescription drugs or counterfeit merchandise.
  • Illegal gambling.
  • Banned pornography.

This list includes examples of the role the card brands play in keeping the payments ecosystem safe under BRAM and GBPP.

To enable processing payments with Finix, and comply with the BRAM and GBPP requirements, your website must follow these rules:

Return, Refund, and Cancellation Policies

Your return, refund, and cancellation policies are easily available and disclosed to customers.

Customer Service

  • Content is available for customers that details the support experience. This must include:
    • The different ways to contact customer support. (e.g email addresses, phone numbers, chat, etc.)
    • What kind of support is offered. (live person, automated, online support, etc.)
  • The following contact info displays during the checkout process:
    • Support email and/or telephone number.
    • Business address including country.

Terms and Conditions

  • Terms and conditions must be available for customers online.
  • Customers must agree to your terms and conditions before you can process any of their information.

Promotions and Trial Periods

  • The conditions of any promotion, discount, or trial are displayed and easily available for customers.
  • Trial periods must include:
    • A cancellation policy that customers can easily find and follow.
    • A clear disclosure that tells customers they will be charged unless they cancel before the trial period ends.
    • The date or period of time after which charges will begin.
    • Steps the customer can take to cancel the transaction before the end of the trial period.
    • Clear instructions explaining the steps for returning products and obtaining refunds.
    • Email notifications to customers, shortly before the trial period ends, explaining their card will be charged unless they cancel the trial.

Required Policies

Content is available for customers that helps them understand your different policies. This includes your:

Policy Description
Cancellation policy Explain how customers can cancel subscriptions or reservations.
Consumer data privacy policy Explain how you protect the data of your customers.
Delivery policy Detail how and where products are shipped and under what timeline.
Privacy policy Detail your website’s privacy policy and how the data of your customers is protected, used, or disclosed.
Refund policy Explain how customers can receive a refund.
Return policy Explain how customers can return purchased goods.
Security capabilities and policy on transmitting payment details Detail when you transmit payment info and how you protect that data.

Additional Website Requirements

  • Descriptions of all the goods or services offered.
  • An explanation of legal restrictions. (if known)
  • The transaction currency. (e.g., U.S. dollars, Canadian dollars)
  • An explanation of any restrictions on exporting data. (if known)
  • Visa's logo in full color to let customers know Visa is accepted.
    • Details on how to display Visa's logo can be found in the Visa Product Brand Standards and Visa's POS guidelines .