1099-K Tax Forms

Learn about 1099-K Tax Forms and how they get managed by Finix.

Every year, Finix's processor sends out a 1099-K form to every Finix account. The 1099-K form details the sales activity of your account to help you report your taxes. This form is sent to you, the IRS, and some US states.

  • For information about understanding your 1099-K form, see the following IRS article .
  • For your review, a blank example of the 1099-K form is available here .

The 1099-K form is generated based on the information saved in the Identities resource associated with the Merchant .

Keep the Identities resource updated with any changes to ensure there aren't any issues with the 1099-K form. Changes that would require the Identities resource to be updated include:

  • Change in address or name.
  • Ownership changes.
  • Bank account changes.
  • Change in tax ID or other entity information.

If you make changes to the Identities resource, you'll need to verify the updated information by submitting a new Merchant Verification Request and provisioning the merchant again.

For details on how to re-provision a merchant, see Re-Verifying Already Approved Merchants.

Note: The total amount listed on the 1099-K form is the gross total. Refunds, credits, and fees are not included in the amount listed on the 1099-K form.