In-Person Payments

Use Finix to process in-person payments where you physically collect payment details (also known as Card Present transactions). In-person payments include:

  • Swiping, tapping, or dipping a card.
  • EMV Chip/Contactless payments.

To process these in-person payments, Finix has two offerings available:

  • Cloud: Create and process payments entirely through Finix's API ( Finix Core only ).
    • Your integration communicates with Finix's API and a card reader.
  • Local: Create payments locally with a card reader.
    • Install Finix's Device SDK and connect to process payments with the card reader.

Cloud and Local

There are several factors to consider when deciding if your integration will be Local vs. Cloud.

Factors Local Cloud
Setup Local integrations require more steps to get started. You need to build a mobile app and integrate with Finix's Device SDK. Cloud integrations process payments entirely through Finix's API and only takes a few steps to get started.
Card Readers The BBPOS card reader is currently the only device available for Local environments. The card readers available for Cloud integrations include:
  • IPP320
  • IPP350
  • ISC250
  • ISC480
  • ISMP4
  • LANE_3000
  • LINK_2500
  • MX915
  • MX925
Connectivity Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Ethernet/Wi-Fi

We recommend creating a Local integration when you require mobility with the card reader. A local environment ensures you can always create payments, even if there are internet issues.

We only recommend creating a Cloud integration when the device will be used in a register or tabletop environment and won't get moved.

In-Person Payments Articles

Article Description
In-Person Payments - Cloud Create and process in-person payments entirely through Finix's API.
In-Person Payments - Local Create payments on your local network that can be submitted to Finix at anytime.