Getting Started

Learn how to get started with In-Person Payments and Finix.

In-Person Payments combine online payments with the traditional teller-customer experience. Using devices to process payments helps keep you out of PCI scope and allows you to capture lower interchange rates versus payments processed entirely online.

Finix has two integrations available to process In-Person Payments:

  • Finix Device SDK (Android available soon)
  • Finix API

If you're interested in processing In-Person Payments, contact your Finix point of contact or the Finix Support team.

Integration Comparison

 Finix APIFinix Device SDK
  • A point of sale application needs to be built for sellers to use.
  • The back-end of your application or a server will communicate with payment terminals via the Finix API.
  • You must build an app that's available on the respective platform's app store. (e.g., An iOS app on the Apple App Store).
  • Your sellers will use a mobile phone with the app installed to interact with the payment terminal.
  • Payment TerminalsA variety of devices are available for integrations through the Finix API. Devices including:
    • Link 2500
    • Lane 3000
    • Lane 5000
    • Lane 7000
    • Lane 8000
    Integrations with the Finix Device SDK use the BBPOS Chipper 2X BT payment terminal, a handheld device that supports mobility and simplicity.
    ConnectivityDevices connect via Wi-Fi or Ethernet.Devices connect via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to your phone.

    We recommend creating an integration with the Finix iOS SDK when you require mobility with the payment terminal. The payment terminals use the mobile phone's internet connection to process payment and are rechargeable so they can be used outside of a tabletop environment.

    We recommend creating an integration with the Finix API when the device will be used in a tabletop environment (cash register, restaurants, storefronts, etc.) or the point of sale application is not on a mobile phone.

    A detailed breakdown of the differences between payment terminals and how they relate to the Finix API can be found in Managing Payment Terminals.

    Next Steps

    Once you've made a decision, see the following related article for detailed technical steps on how to develop your In-Person Payments integration: