Getting Started

Start accepting payments with Finix.

First, let's create your sandbox account.

With a Finix sandbox account (also called a test account) you can explore the Finix Dashboard, simulate payments and payouts, and build a test integration with Finix.

Note: To process live payments, you need an eligible business and must be an approved Finix customer.

Create Sandbox Account

Start Right Away

Start with our Developer Quickstart if you are a Developer or learn more about our business tools.

Three Steps to Process Payments

There are three steps to process payments with Finix:

• 01/03

The first step to processing payments is to onboard your sellers.

You'll collect their information and send it to Finix for verification.



• 02/03

Process payments between your sellers and buyers.



• 03/03

Pay sellers and collect fees for the payments processed.