Getting Started

An overview of the steps involved to start accepting payments using Finix.

First, let's create your sandbox account.

With a Finix sandbox account (also called a test account) you can explore the Finix Dashboard, simulate payments and payouts, and build a test integration with Finix.

To process live payments, you must have an eligible business and get approved to be a Finix customer.

Create Sandbox Account

Start Right Away

Dive into integrating with our API or review what tools we have available for your business.

Three Easy Steps

Learn more about the key steps you take to process payments with Finix.

• 01/03

The first step to processing payments is to onboard your sellers.

You'll collect their information and send it to Finix for verification.



• 02/03

Process payments between your sellers and buyers.



• 03/03

Pay sellers and collect fees for the payments processed.