Collecting Payouts

Learn how you get paid from the payments you've processed.

As you process payments, the funds from transactions get bucketed into Settlements and reviewed by Finix. When Finix approves a Settlement, a Transfer gets created with your payout.

Payouts get paid to the Payment Instrument associated with the Merchant#identity you used in the transaction.

Specifically, the bank account you associated with your Identity while creating your Merchant.

Payout Schedule

How often you receive payouts depends on your payout schedule. Finix offers two different schedules to manage payouts:

DailyFinix approves Settlements every business day. By default, Settlements are approved on a Daily basis.
MonthlyFinix approves Settlements on a monthly basis.

Payout Type

Finix offers two ways to configure payouts:

NetFees get deducted from your payouts. In other words, deposits and fees are combined into one payout. By default, payouts are calculated on a net basis.
GrossDeposits and fees get distributed into two separate payouts.


Net Payouts

If you had $1000 in Payment and $30 in Fees, you'd receive a payout of $970 to your payout bank account.


Gross Payouts

If you had a $1000 Payment and $30 in Fees, you would receive two payouts. The first would be a $1000 credit to your payout bank account. The second would be a debit of $30 to your other bank account.

Using Finix, you can manage what bank accounts get used for your payouts. This includes which bank accounts you use for payouts and fees.

Changing Payouts

To change your payouts schedule, or type, contact the Finix Support team.

Negative Payouts

In some cases, you can have a negative balance.

For example, if you receive $200 but refunds $300, your account balance would be -$100.

If don't receive further payments or process transactions to balance out the negative amount, Finix creates a Funding Transfer that debits your payout bank account.