Dashboard Notifications

Learn how to enable and configure dashboard and email notifications.

Use the Finix Dashboard to enable notifications. You can receive notifications through your web browser and email.

For webhooks notifications, see Webhooks.

Enabling Notifications

To enable and configure notifications, click Settings > Notification Settings.

Notification Settings Tab

Available Notifications

Notifications you can receive in your web browser or through email include:


Payment failedA transaction got declined and failed. Details of the transaction are available using the Failed filter on the Payments page.
Failed Funding TransferA payout to a seller got declined and failed. Details about the failed payout are available using the Failed filter on the Merchant Deposits page.


Dispute createdA buyer created a dispute (also called a chargeback) with their issuing bank. For details on how to manage disputes on the Dashboard, see Managing Disputes on the Dashboard.
Dispute status updatedThe status of a dispute has updated. Details of the dispute and the next steps to take are available on the Exceptions > Disputes page.