Google Pay™

Accept Google Pay on your website or Android application using Finix.

With a few steps you can begin accepting Google Pay using Finix's API on web or in your Android application. Adding Google Pay allows your customers to use any debit or credit card saved in their Google account.


Before you can add Google Pay to your website with Finix:

  1. A Finix API Key
  2. The seller needs to complete Onboarding .
    • When a seller completes Onboarding they'll have an approved Merchant . You'll use the Merchant#id to process the Google Pay payment.
  3. See Google Pay's developer documentation to gain production access to the Google Pay API and set up a merchant account by registering with the Google Pay Business Console .
  4. Verify the tokenizationSpecification object has type as PAYMENT_GATEWAY and gateway as finix. The gatewayMerchantId is the merchant-associated identity provided by Finix.
  5. Your website must be served on an HTTPS webpage that has a valid SSL certificate and supports TLS. Refer to the following articles for requirements: