Testing for Specific Responses and Errors

Learn how to test your integration to confirm failures get triggered correctly..

Testing Transactions

Before taking your integration live, use the information below to test it thoroughly on the DUMMY_V1 processor.

Testing Failure Codes

Use the following card numbers to trigger the respective failure_code. For more information about the different failure_codes, see Failure Codes.

Failure Code Card Number Brand
GENERIC_DECLINE 4000000000009979 Visa
GENERIC_DECLINE 378282246310005 American Express
GENERIC_DECLINE 5555555555554444 Mastercard
GENERIC_DECLINE 6011111111111117 Discover
CALL_ISSUER 4012888888881881 Visa
DO_NOT_HONOR 4000000000000002 Visa
EXCEEDS_APPROVAL_LIMIT 4000000000009995 Visa
EXPIRED_CARD 4000000000009987 Visa
INSUFFICIENT_FUNDS 4000000000000069 Visa
INVALID_CVV 4000056655665556 Visa
LOST_OR_STOLEN_CARD 4000000000000127 Visa
PICK_UP_CARD 4000000000000119 Visa
RESTRICTED_CARD 4242424242424242 Visa

Testing AVS/CVV

Pass the following amount to trigger the respective payment failure. Note, once a Payment Instrument has been flagged with an AVS or CVC failure, it will continue to throw that respective error.

Amount Description
100 Success amount
102 Declined amount
888888 Disputed amount
193 Insufficient funds amount
194 Invalid card number amount
889986 AVS total failure amount
889987 CVC failure amount

Testing Bank Account Validations

Bank Account Validation Check Bank Code Account Number
VALID 122105278 0000000016
INVALID 122105278 0000000005
INCONCLUSIVE 121000358 123123128

Testing Push-to-Card

Cards for testing a Push-to-Card payout.

Scenario number region country code
Successful push to a Visa (debit card) 4895142232120006 CA USA N/A
Successful push to a Visa (credit card) 4957030420210454 CA USA N/A
Successful push to a Mastercard (debit card) 5123280115058611 CA USA N/A
Invalid account number 4957030420210504 CA USA INVALID_INSTRUMENT
Exceeds approval amount limit 4957030420210488 CA USA EXCEEDS_ISSUER_AMOUNT_LIMIT
Exceeds withdrawal frequency limit 4957030420210496 CA USA EXCEEDS_ISSUER_COUNT_LIMIT
Refer to card issuer 4895070000007685 CA USA CALL_ISSUER
Do not honor 4895070000006687 CA USA DECLINE
Lost card, pick up (fraud account) 4895070000005671 CA USA LOST_OR_STOLEN_CARD
Suspected fraud 4895070000004674 CA USA SUSPECTED_FRAUD
Transaction does not fulfill AML requirement 4895070000003551 CA USA COMPLIANCE_VIOLATION

Testing Push-to-Card Verifications

Scenario number fast_funds_indicator push_funds_block_indicator card_type_code card_issuer_country_code
Issuer does participate in fast funds for only domestic transactions 4815070000000018 D C D 840
Issuer does participate in fast funds for all transactions 4835070000000014 B C D 840
Issuer does not participate in fast funds 4855070000000035 N C D 840
Issuer does participate in fast funds and Push-to-Card 4895047700003297 B B C 840