Using the API Log

Learn about reviewing API requests on the Finix Dashboard.

When you use your credentials to send an API request, Finix creates an object and logs the request. A history of these different requests is available on the API Log in the Finix Dashboard.

  • Only requests submitted directly to Finix's API will create an entry. Activity in the Finix Dashboard will not create entries in the API Log.
  • Requests are available to review in the API Log for 31 days.

The API Log is available under Developer. It can take up to 3 minutes for a request to appear in the API Log. Entries can be filtered by:

  • Request ID
  • Requesting User
  • HTTP Status


Click on an individual entry to view details on how the request got created. Available details include:

  • User ID used to make the request
  • A timestamp of when the request got made
  • Request and response headers
  • Body of the request and response

API Log Entry