Disabling Sellers

Learn how to disable sellers from processing payments.

Occasionally, you may want to disable a seller. Disabled sellers can’t initiate money movements. Specifically, they can no longer create Transfers or Authorizations.

This can be helpful if you no longer want to do business with a particular merchant, if you suspect fraudulent activity, or the seller has left and you want to clean up your Finix integration.


Only for Finix for PayFacs customers. All other customers reach out to Finix Support to disable a seller.

Disable Sellers on the Finix Dashboard

Sellers can be disabled from the Merchant Account tab.

  1. After logging into the Finix Dashboard, click Merchants > Merchant Accounts.
  2. Find the seller you want to disable and click Actions in the top right > Update Merchant Settings.
  3. Set the Processing Enabled toggle to Off.

Disable Sellers through the Finix API

Update the seller’s Merchant and set processing_enabled to false. For more details, see Update a Merchant.