Manage Payout Settings using the Finix Dashboard

Learn how to manage the payout settings for your sellers using the Finix Dashboard.

Use the Finix Dashboard or Finix API to manage Payout Settings.

With the Finix Dashboard, you can view how Payout Settings are currently configured, add/manage bank accounts, and modify the Payout Settings for sellers.

Using the Dashboard

To use Payout Settings, open the Merchant Account you want to modify.

Finix Dashboard - Merchant Accounts

Click the Payout Settings tab.

Finix Dashboard - Merchant Accounts

On this page you can review the:

  • Payout Bank Account : Details which bank accounts are being used for payouts. Specifically, it shows the bank account(s) where funds get deposited and fees are debited.
  • Payout Profile : Details the Payout Settings applied to this Merchant Account. This includes the Payout Type, Schedule, Transfer Speed, and more.
  • Schedule Preview : Estimates for when funding can be expected for Payout Profile listed above.

Editing Payouts Settings

To make changes to Payout Settings, click Edit:

Finix Dashboard - Payout Settings

On this page you can change:

  • Payout Type : Choose how payout funds get calculated and distributed into Settlements.
  • Bank Account : Choose which bank account to use for payouts and fees.
  • Payout Settlement Schedule : Choose how often a new payout Settlement gets created for review and approval.
  • Funding Transfer Speed : Choose how quickly funding Transfers get submitted for deposit via the ACH network.
  • Funding Transfer Delay : Once a Settlement is approved, configure how many days must pass before the Transfer with payout funds get created.

Gross Payout Type

If you choose Gross for your Payout Type, you can also configure the following:

  • Fee Bank Account : The bank account where fees get debited.
  • Fee Delay : Once a Fee Settlement is approved, configure how many days must pass before the Transfer with fees gets created.