Lane 3000

Learn how to use the Lane 3000 payment terminal.

Lane 3000

The Lane 3000 is a tabletop payment terminal for use with our Finix API. It uses an ethernet connection to connect with your network. You can see the user manual here.

Connecting the Device

The Lane 3000 comes with a HDMI connecter that splits into a RJ45 Ethernet connecting cable and an input for an external power port that we provide. The standard cord is 2 meters long. If you require a different connection, communicate with your Finix point of contact.

Using the Device

Simply connecting the device to power and connecting the ethernet will automatically turn it on and set it ready to accept payments after you follow the getting started guide.


The device has seperate payment mounts and stands you can get to fit your use case. There are also varients of this device with Wi-Fi capabilties, which you can access via special request with your Finix point of contact.

Use-case Description
Payouts An essential part of processing payments is managing payouts and when your sellers get their funds. Learn how to manage payouts and how your sellers will receive their funds.
Void an Authorization Void an Authorization to remove the hold from the cardholder’s card account.
Referenced Refund Process a refund (full or partial amount) for a previously completed payment through Finix.
Unreferenced Refunds Process a refund or reversal for any amount.