Desk 5000

Learn how to use the Desk 5000 payment terminal.

Desk 5000

The Desk 5000 is a tabletop payment terminal that's available to use with Finix's Device SDKs. The Desk 5000, while not hand-held, comes equipped with a touch screen and uses ethernet for internet.

The user manual of the payment terminal is available here: Desk 5000.

Connecting the Device

The Desk 5000 comes with a connecter that splits into a RJ45 Ethernet connecting cable and an input for an external power port that we provide. The standard cord is 2 meters long. If you require a different connection, communicate with your Finix point of contact.

Using the Device

Connecting the terminal to power and an ethernet connection will automatically turn it on and set it ready to accept payments (after initial setup is complete.)


The device has separate payment mounts and stands available depending on your use case. The payment terminal can also print receipts.