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Finix enables your platform to build a world-class payments experience.

From onboarding merchants to managing payouts, with Finix's API, you have everything you need to accept payments and grow revenue. You only need to take a few steps to get started processing payments with Finix!

Use the following guides and the rest of our documentation to connect with Finix's API and start building your payments experience!

To communicate with Finix's API, you need to authenticate your requests using Basic Auth.

Getting Started

This guide walks you through everything from verifying your users and adding their details to processing payments and settling payouts.


Part of processing payments involves verifying your users and making sure they follow the rules of the payments ecosystem. Use this guide to help build your platform's onboarding experience.


Finix offers a few different ways to process payments. Most platforms use Finix's hosted fields to protect their user's data and pass off the compliance burden.


An essential part of processing payments is managing payouts and when your users get their funds. Learn how to manage payouts and how your users will receive their funds.

Subscription Billing

Use Finix's API to set up recurring payments.

Push to Card

Use Finix and Visa's Direct API to push or pull funds from payment cards. Funds pushed through Visa's Direct API get disbursed to payment cards within 30 minutes or less.

Security and Compliance

Learn about security at Finix and your security obligations.


Use Finix's webhooks to set up and subscribe to notifications from Finix's API.