Deprecated API Reference

This API Reference is being deprecated. Please use the New API Reference.


A Transfer represents any flow of funds either to or from a Payment Instrument. For example, a Transfer is a credit to a bank account refund to a card.

A Transfer can have one of three types: Debit, Credit, or Reversal. Each type indicates a different funds flow. For example:

  • A Debit is created after capturing an Authorization or creating an ACH (also called eCheck payment) where funds are pulled from the issuer into the settlement account
  • A Reversal represents a refund or chargeback where funds are returned to a customer
  • A Credit is produced when funds are transferred to a merchant's bank account when funding (i.e. paying out) a batch settlement

transfers can have four possible states values: PENDING, SUCCEEDED, FAILED, or CANCELED.

  • PENDING: Authorization on Payment Instrument successfully created (i.e. funds are being held), but awaiting system to batch submit the capture request to complete the transaction
  • SUCCEEDED: Funds captured and available for settlement (i.e. disbursement via ACH Credit)
  • FAILED: Authorization attempt failed
  • CANCELED: Created, and then reversed before transfer has transitioned to succeeded

By default, Transfers will be in a PENDING state and will eventually (typically within an hour) update to SUCCEEDED.

ready_to_settle_at field can have 2 possible values:

  1. null : Funds have been captured, but are not yet ready to be paid out
  2. TIMESTAMP : A UTC timestamp that specifies when the funds will be available to be payout out. Once in the past, the Transfer will be eligible for inclusion in a batch Settlement.

When an Authorization is captured a corresponding Transfer will also be created.