Deprecated API Reference

This API Reference is being deprecated. Please use the New API Reference.

Update Merchant to Enable Level 2/Level 3 Processing

Enabling this flag will allow a Merchant to engage in Level 2/3 processing.


The APIs to update Merchant flags are only available for Finix Core customers. If you have additional questions, please reach out to your Finix point of contact.

curl \
    -H "Content-Type: application/vnd.json+api" \
    -H 'Finix-Version:2022-02-01' \
    -u  UStxEci4vXxGDWLQhNvao7YY:25038781-2369-4113-8187-34780e91052e \
    -X PUT \
    -d '
	    "level_two_level_three_data_enabled": true

Example Response:

    "id": "MUeDVrf2ahuKc9Eg5TeZugvs",
    "created_at": "2022-01-27T07:37:04.03Z",
    "updated_at": "2022-01-27T07:37:06.12Z",
    "application": "APgPDQrLD52TYvqazjHJJchM",
    "card_cvv_required": false,
    "card_expiration_date_required": true,
    "convenience_charges_enabled": true,
    "creating_transfer_from_report_enabled": true,
    "default_partial_authorization_enabled": false,
    "fee_ready_to_settle_upon": "SUCCESSFUL_CAPTURE",
    "gross_settlement_enabled": false,
    "identity": "IDuqZpDw28f2KK6YuDk4jNLg",
    "level_two_level_three_data_enabled": true,
    "mcc": "0742",
    "merchant_name": "Dunder Mifflin",
    "merchant_profile": "MP7tbAZ1RpjFycrfBVo6z4Ky",
    "mid": "FNXw5a7pBKHsCSgCAyQvU2soL",
    "onboarding_state": "APPROVED",
    "processing_enabled": true,
    "processor": "DUMMY_V1",
    "processor_details": {
        "mid": "FNXw5a7pBKHsCSgCAyQvU2soL",
        "api_key": "secretValue"
    "ready_to_settle_upon": "SUCCESSFUL_CAPTURE",
    "rent_surcharges_enabled": true,
    "settlement_enabled": true,
    "settlement_funding_identifier": "UNSET",
    "tags": {
        "key_2": "value_2"
    "verification": "VI5DBvVQ3ye5PcnUCSSvj84d",
    "_links": {
        "self": {
            "href": ""
        "identity": {
            "href": ""
        "verifications": {
            "href": ""
        "merchant_profile": {
            "href": ""
        "application": {
            "href": ""
        "verification": {
            "href": ""

HTTP Request


URL Parameters

Parameter Description
:MERCHANT_ID ID of the Identity

Request Arguments

Field Type Description
level_two_level_three_data_enabled boolean, optional Set to True to enable Merchant for Level 2 and Level 3 processing. Default value is false.