Deprecated API Reference

This API Reference is being deprecated. Please use the New API Reference.


Finix's File Upload endpoint allows platforms and merchants to upload documents and request files from sub-merchants to complete verification with Finix's underwriting team.

For more information and reasons why you may need to upload a file, see Uploading files to Finix. You have two options to upload files to Finix:

To upload a file using Finix's API, you'll need to create a File resource. The File resource allows you to upload the required documents to Finix's API and underwriting team.

When you initially create the File resource, the status that'll be returned is REQUIRES_UPLOAD indicating a file still needs to be uploaded to the File object.

You can upload your file by

The files you need to upload contain personal information and can be only submitted through Finix's API. Request these files from users via a secure link or a secure upload. Don't request users to submit files via email or other unsecured methods.

The status of the File resource will move to PENDING as Finix's underwriting team reviews the information submitted when registering an identity and merchant.

If approved, the status of the File will move to UPLOADED and you'll receive a webhook alert. Confirm the status on the Merchant is APPROVED and you can move on to processing payments.

If rejected, the status will move to the reject code that best explains why you were rejected. For more details on the different kinds of rejections, see Reject codes.

File Upload Endpoints

Endpoint Description
POST /files Create a File ID/File object.
POST /files/:FILE_ID:/upload Upload files directly to Finix's /upload endpoint.
POST /files/:FILE_ID:/external_links Create an external_link object which creates an upload link you can share in your UI.
PUT http://:EXTERNAL_LINK_URL:/... Upload a users file to the File resource you created.
POST /files/:FILE_ID:/download Download a file uploaded to a File resource.
POST /files/:FILE_ID: Fetch a previously created File resource.
GET /files List all files uploaded to Finix.
GET /files/:FILE_ID:/external_links/external_link_id Get a specific External Link that was created for a file.
GET /files/:FILE_ID:/external_links List all of the External Links that were created for a file.