Deprecated API Reference

This API Reference is being deprecated. Please use the New API Reference.

Card Present Authorization with EMV card


This API is available for Finix Core customers on Tripos Cloud only. If you have additional questions, please reach out to your your Finix point of contact.

curl \
   -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
   -H 'Finix-Version: 2022-02-01' \
   -u  USjHFGYvecE4LBitYG8KDE2g:b698f403-d9b7-4157-82d8-162cea8c8cc3 \
   -d '
    "amount": 150,
    "currency": "USD",
    "device": "DVf2H8sh4LZZC52GTUrwCPPf",
    "operation_key": "CARD_PRESENT_AUTHORIZATION",
    "tags": {
       "order_number": "chris123transfer"

HTTP Request


Request Arguments

Field Type Description
amount integer, required Amount of sale
currency string, required Currency of sale
device string, required The ID of the activated device
operation_key string, required Describes the operation to be performed in the transaction
tags object, optional Key value pair for annotating custom metadata (e.g. order numbers)
device_configuration#allow_debit boolean, optional Sets whether device will allow debit by default or not (defaults to true)
device_configuration#check_for_duplicate_transactions boolean, optional Sets whether the device will check for duplicate transactions
device_configuration#prompt_manual_entry boolean, optional Sets whether or not the default card input method will be keyed in manual entry or not (defaults to false)
device_configuration#prompt_signature string, optional Sets whether device will prompt the card holder for a signature by default or not, AMOUNT is used in conjuction with device_configuration#signature_threshold_amount so that when the threshold is reached the signature form appears on device screen (defaults to always). Options are: ALWAYS, NEVER, AMOUNT
device_configuration#signature_threshold_amount integer, optional Threshold set for when to prompt a signature if device_configuration#prompt_signature is set to AMOUNT (defaults to 0)
  "id" : "AUeEok8811pDqsR1BbxZLbw1",
  "created_at" : "2022-10-06T20:22:42.25Z",
  "updated_at" : "2022-10-07T17:09:22.85Z",
  "3ds_redirect_url" : null,
  "additional_buyer_charges" : null,
  "additional_healthcare_data" : null,
  "address_verification" : "POSTAL_CODE_AND_STREET_MATCH",
  "amount" : 150,
  "amount_requested" : 118,
  "application" : "APeUbTUjvYb1CdPXvNcwW1wP",
  "card_present_details": {
    "emv_data": {
      "application_identifier": "A0000000031010",
      "application_label": "Visa Credit",
      "application_preferred_name": null,
      "application_transaction_counter": "004F",
      "cryptogram": "TC F8C706E8A0368D15",
      "issuer_code_table_index": null,
      "pin_verified": false,
      "tags": null
    "approval_code": "000036",
    "brand": "VISA",
    "entry_mode": "CHIP_ENTRY",
    "masked_account_number": "************7564",
    "name": "SMITH/JOHN W ",
    "payment_type": "CREDIT"
  "currency" : "USD",
  "device": "DVf2H8sh4LZZC52GTUrwCPPf",
  "expires_at" : "2022-10-13T20:22:42.25Z",
  "failure_code" : null,
  "failure_message" : null,
  "idempotency_id" : null,
  "is_void" : false,
  "merchant_identity" : "IDsbTBawhnLBAVeinRb84vFR",
  "messages" : [ ],
  "raw" : null,
  "security_code_verification" : "MATCHED",
  "source" : "PIcW77CfRyBUWJhA231TWXWf",
  "state" : "SUCCEEDED",
  "tags" : {
    "order_number": "chris123transfer"
  "trace_id" : "FNXmEM7d6ns8LMMzt61AD8TrR",
  "transfer" : null,
  "void_state" : "UNATTEMPTED",
  "_links": {
    "self": {
      "href": ""
    "application": {
      "href": ""
    "device": {
      "href": ""
    "merchant_identity": {
      "href": ""